Elite Entrepreneurship Bootcamp


Business Families or affluent families.

International Trip: Silicon Valley (USA) or London

Duration: 12 Weeks
Course Fees:
Rupees 3,00,000.00(Three Lakhs)

*Program fee is exclusive of GST


This program integrates rich, traditional components such as live faculty lectures, Guest lectures, group projects, active coaching, and individual assignments. Collaborative learning is the success factor of this program and participants will learn a lot by being part of a team.

This well-designed module sets the stage for the Bootcamp, outlining how participants move from idea to startup in twelve weeks.

Module 1

Introduction to Business

This module will focus on essential skills of business

  • Business concepts
  • Ideation Techniques
  • Entrepreneur Skills
  • Intellectual Property (Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright)
  • Opportunities and Risk Evaluation
  • Business Strategy and Plan

Module 2

Information Technology

This module will focus on the Information Technology needs of business.

  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Setup
  • IT Networking
  • Data Back up
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Web Technologies
  • Mobile Apps

Module 3

Business Operations

A company’s success or failure relies heavily on the efficiency of operations. Everything that happens within a company to keep it running.

  • People
  • Process
  • Systems/Technology

Module 4

Business Model

This module will focus on the creating or developing sustainable Business Model.

  • Create a Business Model
  • Life Time value of customer – Estimation
  • Customer Acquisition cost – Measure

Module 5

Business Communication

This module will focus on the preparation and composition of messages and communications.

  • Organization Thoughts
  • Written Content
  • Customer Communication

Module 6

Financial Accounting & Economics/Finances

This module will focus on the financial aspects of the business.

  • Capital (Funding)
  • Time Value of Money
  • Financial Analysis

Module 7


This module focuses on market segmentation and how participants can perform a ‘beachhead’ analysis–identifying the primary set of target customers.

  • Market Segmentation
  • “Beachhead’ analysis
  • Market forces and Competition
  • Market Constraint
  • Digital Marketing

Module 8


This module takes the participants through the principles of defining an effective sales process that aims at increasing the odds of market success.

  • Understand the Decision Making Unit (DMU)
  • Develop a pricing Strategy
  • Create a sales process

Module 9

International Educational Trip

This module focuses on International business exposure.

  • Learn International Business
  • International Culture

Module 10

Communication & Presentation

This module focuses on effective business communication skills to brand the product or service.

  • Art of Persuasion
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Presentation skills

Module 11

Business Pitch

Presenting Business Idea to an Investor or group of Investors to secure resources and funding to move forward with new venture.

  • Presenting to Faculty/Coaches
  • Presenting to Group of Investors*
    * Non-Affiliation participants will not participate.

Module 12

On Project

*Based on project funding

Module 13

Challenging & Fun Activities

Goal is to stretch participant out of comfort zone(risk) to make adventures & strong person and social skills though fun and challenging activities.

  • International Industry visit*
    * Subject to Visa availability.
  • Challenging Activities – Selling, Serving, Skit, Ad Making ..etc.
  • Fun activities – movie time, play time and party time.

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